Dads Registry

These are some of my favorite resources for Dads to have. Everything from diapers all the way to parenting books when your child needs you most! The recommendations are based on what I’ve used as a Dad and Shrink when helping kids, teens and families.


A great book for parents struggling to connect with their kids or to communicate lessons that create connection and understanding between a parent and child. I continue to recommend this book over and over due to what parents tell me.

How To Talk So Kids Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, helps parents find the missing pieces. Much of what is discussed in the book, is taken from counseling sessions.

For instance, if you are struggling with understanding and coping with setting limits and boundaries the book helps you stick to it through application, education and strategy. The book highlights the following core areas of parenting: setting limits and boundaries, effective communication, positive talk, supportive talk, praise, cooperation with your child, and establishing parent-child relationship. Fun fact, these are some of the core areas that bring people to seek family counseling or parenting support.

Great self-help parenting book.

Stroller/Car Seat

1.      Men are inpatient ie. we like to skip steps. This item is a combination baby seat and stroller that can click together so that you don’t need two separate purchases. On top of that the baby seat goes up to 40lbs: which for fathers means one thing and one thing only…saving money!

Check out Target for purchase at $219.99 versus Babies”R”Us $299.99



Diapers: Keeping it Fresh

2.      If you’ve read my post on dirty diapers
Then you know one thing and one thing only. You need the Diaper Genie! Like I said in the post this thing is simply awesome. You can put literally over a 100 diapers and wipes in it and you will not smell even a hint of that nastiness. The diaper genie contains every ounce of that smell. The bags that come with it aren’t your normal ones that you need to empty and toss. The Diaper Genie has a bag that once it’s full you can cut the top off and retie the bag in order to continue filling the Diaper Genie with more diapers. We probably went through at least 20 diapers a day for three weeks before having to buy another bag.

Diaper Genie! $29.99 at Target

More reviews and recommendations coming soon