Dad Adventures

I’m Back Folks

I really am upset with myself right now as I let so much time go by without sharing memories on this site. Granted, I experienced the memories with my family.

I do wish that I would have shared the memories on here. Yet, I get it. Life is crazy at times.

The counselor in me is telling me to relax, take deep profound respirations and let it go. To accept that I made a mistake and now can transition right back into the blog. Into sharing the journey of fatherhood!

Now, where to begin.

Better yet, how do I catch you up on the two-year gap.

Let’s see. Highlights with bullet points:

·         Nola, “my baby girl” a.k.a., “daddy’s girl” is a big girl now. Last week we had to let her start a summer camp. I say, “had” because I really did not want to. She is only three!!! I know that I’m not the only dad struggling to let his little girl go. It’s really an interesting mixture of emotions. I cried as she walked into the classroom her first day of school. I was scared, worried and fearful that something would happen to her. She on the other hand, is the spinning image of her mother. Fearless!

·         My son, Alexander, is just over a year. He is literally the most handsome trouble maker alive. He does this act, where he first looks at me or my wife before doing something that he is NOT supposed to do. Then he DOES it. Then he waits until we call his attention and he runs away laughing. He is in every way the spinning image of me.

·         My wife and I had our first serious talk about adding a third. I’ll discuss why it took “me” so long to feel confident and comfortable with the conversation. Let’s just say I had an emotional breakdown!

·         We went to Disney as a family for the first time. The whole gang! Personally, I found an excuse to take the kids to Disney…

·         My wife and I have finally with the grace of GOD and the secret sauce found a way to work together in the counseling practice. It’s an interesting thing working with your spouse. Moments of excitement. Occasions of frustration. I’ll fill you in later…

Pictures also work great 😊


Thank you for your patience. Thank you for walking with me. Learning, growing, and overcoming life’s challenges 😊


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