6 Months and Counting

How do I sum up the past 6 months of my daughter’s life… Someone did say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are three:
6 months later her and her hair only grew a millimeter. Mommy insist on using hair bows

At Target looking GLAMOROUS

6 months later she still owns the bed!


Nola has been in more way than I could have imagined the spinning image of my wife and I. She makes the most bizarre facial expressions just as her father and boy… can she be as directive as her mother. She never fails to amaze me. Even in the simplest ways she is my source of laughter, gratitude, and love. In her 6 months of life she continues to fight with her mother and father in her dislike for crawling… Who knows why? It could be that she is too “lady-like” for the ground and prefers to walk… Or maybe she does not feel like it right now! I mean when it comes to walking people, she is by far a shy one. From the moment her giant bugs bunny eyes open she is yearning for the edge of the counter or a toy that can give her just the right amount of pressure to stand – and once she is up her smile is brighter than ever.

You know one of the things I love most about being a father… It’s the split second when you get home from work and your wife and child are waiting for you. As you arrive you receive your gentle yet passionate kiss from your wife and somewhere around the house you can already hear the laughter of your child. Myself, I enjoy sneaking up on Nola and surprising her she always welcomes me with such a face that literally screams “DADDY!!!” muahhhhh   

Random people often stop us in stores or restaurants commenting on our daughters’ beauty and how we should take advantage of her now. I’m still not sure what they mean by saying “take advantage of her now…”


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