Happy Father’s Day

My daughter made me this with a little help from Mommie
Happy father’s day to me and to all the fathers out their giving it everything you got to make sure that your family prospers.  
Today is a day of reflection and accomplishment for all that I have been blessed with and for all that I continue to aspire and do for my daughter and family. I reflect on my daughter’s birth and the chill that crawled up my spine as I watched her enter our world. Today I reflect on the overwhelming blessing the lord has given me as a father and a vessel for my daughter. I reflect on the beautiful memories and experience my family and I have been blessed with through the eyes of my daughter. Today I continue to feel the overpowering need to provide for my daughter in surrounding her with love, experiences, laughter, fun… Most importantly I thanked my wife for blessing me with such a spirited and beautiful daughter.


On this very father’s day I also reflect on all the fathers who continue to give me advice on the do’s and don’ts. The funny thing is that as a father… I’m going to lend you my ear and not always follow the same path you took. In my own opinion one of the joys of being a father is that you get to try your best in your own way with the support of your wife or life partner to be the role model to your child. Life continues to bless us with unique opportunities in some our child falls and gets a boo boo In others our child trips or scraps his or her arm. Yes, we could have listened to that person’s advice on tying shoes this way not that way. Yet… if we had listened then in the years to come we would have been shy of an experience. An experience that could have filled the family dinner table with laughter, love and fund memories to treasured. So on this father’s day, I’ve learned to always lend my ear to those willing to help here or there such as our parents, friends, or noisy neighbors yet continue to follow your unique parenting style that you and your wife have molded.
There is no wrong or right way when you love your child

Playing with the new rod and reel with Nola!




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