Parents and Breaks


Only parents can clearly understand the fine line between “breaks” and “parent breaks”. Within the fine line there is even a deeper “break” to those parents who have to broaden their scope and multitask with work and school on top of their already hectic and overwhelming parenting duties.

Here is an idea of what my wife and I do for our breaks —– some might call “boring activities”

·         Sit outside of Starbucks for a few hours. (This one is my personal favorite considering I love coffee and I love people watching)

·         Watch episodes of our favorite show (… it feels like paradise). Oh nothing comes close to the relief of having no worries for even a few hours.

·         Grab a quick beer (literally one 12 ounce beer) at a local bar and reminisce on our past and the future to come. Funny story: just the other week my wife and are a sitting at a local bar near our undergraduate university (UNC-Greensboro). While sitting there eavesdropping on the conversation of a group of Undergraduates talking about (what time they’ll go home after class, one mentioned needing to call his parents for a new cell phone since his broke, another commented on the difficulties of juggling college life with a part-time job) I wanted to walk over and give them a little clip of the “real world”. But I didn’t, I continued drinking my delicious blue moon and allocated them time to continue to enjoy their busy life of “little to no obligations”. I’m sure all parents say they “miss the college days”. It’s not just the college days but the entire college system of not having anything to do but go to class and talk smack. Although I continued on to graduate school it was not the same L

—All of our “breaks” come to a sudden halt when our phones flash my parents name on it (AKA come get your child she is hungry!). And just like that our “break” is over and we are back to conquering parent duties.
Nothing comes close to being with your child


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