Faces of Personalities

Our special yet so delicate and beautiful daughter is roughly a week shy of her four month birthday! Who would have thought that I (Juan Santos) would be so excited to celebrate (monthly) birthdays… Yet I am!!! BEYOND WORDS. There literally is no lecture, slide show, presentation, or person who can tell you what it feels to be a “parent”. The feeling is in my own opinion “unique” “individualistic” and in some ways patterned to fit you and yours child unique connection. My daughter in very way is the spinning image of her father and mother. Just today I took her to stay with her grandparents for a few hours while mommy and daddy got a much needed break.

When we arrived my parents commented that daughter was “fussy at times” or “needing them to do exactly what she wanted in order for her to stay calm”. Interesting I thought to myself. She is literally her father and mother In very way. I tend to get upset or “fussy” at times especially if others do not do as I tell them. My perfect wife can also become “fussy” when people do not do things in the exact way she wants. I was a very mischievous child full of energy, curiosity, and hidden ninja moves that would push any parent towards pulling their hair out. So in more ways than one my daughter is the spinning image of her parents.


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