Where has the TIME gone?

Hint the Long Legs = She got it from her MAMA
A lot has changed since my “brief” break from blogging. To recap in fast forward motion my daughter has jumped from two…three… and 14 days away from being four months old. Where does the time go? I swear to you, she is all length and literally no width. She can fit by width into her newborn clothes but length wise she is wearing 3month to 6month. Trust me she did not get her height from my side of the family (no offense takenJ

>>>>Our daughter Nola has started talking “baby talk” I can stand but love it. I’m not exactly sure what it is about seeing your child try and communicate with you but it is literally a mixture of joy, funny, love, and overwhelming sense that they are perfect. I love standing her up and asking her about what she did all day just to hear her say “ahhhh… arhhh.. uuhhhh”. PERFECT – SOUNDS AWESOME!

>>>>Our family celebrated our first mother’s day (which was an awesome experience) I went all out and gave her a week of “mother’s day celebration”. I’m pretty proud of myself for the brilliantly idea I borrowed from message in a bottle.  If you are father or husband than you know more than anyone else how hard “mothers” work. I honestly do NOT understand how mothers can manage and still look HOT at the end of the dayJ.

Daddy’s little Graduate
>>>> I graduated with my Masters which was an overwhelming experience of joy, gratitude, and aspiration for all the great things coming in life. Achieving obstacles and triumphs in life used to be centered more around (my personal achievements) as a father my entire mind frame has transitioned into pushing myself to achieve as much as possible in order to become a role model and an inspirational figure for my family. I hope that as my daughter and future children age they will look at life as merely a field to play on where they too can achieve success. I continue to thank my supportive wife for her role in my life as the main force behind our success, fortunes, and blessings in life.

Two reasons I Graduated!
>>>>Even after the “brief” break my daughter continues to resemble me and so many ways: she is always laughing and joking around with me, she has the exact charismatic personality as her daddy, she loves structure and will definitely tell you with a “scream” or “shout” if you are late for her bed time, and last but not least she is a human form alarm clock “ready to go at 6am sharp”. Each morning I turn and there she is nudging me on the back with a huge smile on her face “its 6am Daddy wake up time to play”.

What will life bring next? I’ve got a few things I’m working on… maybe doctorate school if my daughter lets me (she is pretty selfish with me and wanting me around all day) – thank God for my superhero wonder women all mighty all powerful wife who continues to hold down the home fort.
Stay Tuned Until Next Time


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